Received 4 Apr:

Dear Pendragon...

You are in fact such a devotee to people. I don't think anyone could thank you enough for the effort put into maintaining this Site.

I have just watched and participated in the SYDA tour of Australia and New Zealand peripherally. I have been involved at many levels of SYDA practice in Australia and I have also been skeptical from the beginning. I truly believe I have had some fantastic experiences ...but it always seemed to be with people...who I would have liked in the world anyway....alot of SYDA people don't have much plot anyway it seems..the Guru is everything......which was never for me....I am everything!!!!!

Yes the programming and design of intensives is quite a masterpiece of theatre...having come from the theatre myself I can see the reality as it slips into my new consciousness.

I must admit though it was all on it's way out for me anyway.

I am disappointed though that I didn't keep my $400 so I could have a holiday which is in fact what I really needed. I went to the intensive to find out whether Gurumayi was real......there is a certain kind of emotional sacrilege I have even saying this...although I am among friends? Yes?

Part of me has always felt that Gurumayi must slip into red jeans and step out on the town. Painting the town red :-) I wondered why there is not that much material here on gurumayi herself. I don't seem to have read much past people being expelled. Can you point me to anything specific on her.

Oh BTW did you know that her brother is in Australia at the moment....running his own courses?????...I wondered whether there was any reason for the tours crossing paths as it were?

I have been searching for The New Yorker Article myself would love a copy....

I appreciate all your efforts I just don't know what to do about the people that I know who will be devastated by this. If I knew I wouldn't be threatened like some of these people who have shared on this site I would yell it from the rooftops!!!!!

I got my mind back from your site and peoples experiences that I read...I got my appreciation of my life back!!!!

I worry about my close friends who have a teenage daughter that will at some point end up in the Ashram alone the plan is for this summer. Is the sexual abuse still being perpetuated? She is very beautiful and very young and during the whole tour hung around in the lead chanting group with all the teenage SYDA groupies...very close to Gurumayi.




Thank you for you kind comments. It's nice to know we are having an impact.

Sometimes we need to 're-experience' the show of SY and the humanness of Chidvilas as part of the leaving process. After spending as much time as we do, in the programs, chanting, meditating etc, we then need to challenge our fantasy and memory of what this was about as compared to what we are NOW thinking and feeling about it. At the same time you went to the intensive to find out about her, you were actually going to find out about YOU.

You ask about specific info about Chid. I am attaching the O Guru article as that has a great deal of information about SY and about Chid. Also, it helps to remember that Chid is the master at PR. This means keeping her distance from the general public and mainstream devotes. She often has others act as the heavy so she doesn't tarnish her image.

Regarding your freedom of speech. The longer I have been doing this, the more I believe SY has little power over individuals. If you speak what has been "your experience" and state it is your opinion and tell the truth, there is nothing SY can do. While they did put pressure on the New Yorker and the author, Lis Harris, they never took it to court! That was because everyone quoted was willing to go on record. So I don't think you will have any legal problems, rather the problems will be that your "friends" who are still in SY will no longer be your "friends". They won't be able to stay in SY and hold an open and honest conversation with you for very long.

Regarding the teen friend of yours. I do not know of any ongoing sexual abuse in SY but that does not mean the environment is not ripe for it. Unfortunately Chid has gone to great lengths to protect George, in the past, and there is no evidence to show that she has changed her ways. Again, if you remember, image is everything to SY you will begin to make sense out of the nightmare.

I am looking forward to hearing more from you.

Warm regards,