Received 4 Apr:

Hi pendragon,

I am so pleased to see you guys are still on-line. I have had abreak for a while ... the material I read before Christmas blew me away. My head reeled and I felt like I was lost ... in more way than one. I have since talked to my friend here (who is one of the leaders at our local centre). They instantly went into damage-control. I snickered when I read your article on"Damage-Control at SF". Definitely here too in Australia. I'm sure they will read this ... I think they're those watchers you were talking about. All hell broke loose at the centre when I left. Closing of circles etc ... subtle talks that turn around to dismissing the 'accusations' ... let me tell you the 'real truth'. Saying they were all vicious lies. I just smirked at them. Nice try .. I'm a little bit too clued in now, I'm never going back. Gurumaya (maya is my touch) came and raked in the cash flow here .. a phrase comes to mind 'Spiritual Materialism'. I didn't attend but tested by willpower by going into the foyer to watch the spectacle. Thousands of people .. all looking ohhh so spiritual (you know the look) and in saris and very expensive suits ... browsing the conveniently set up book and gift stores. Gee, I never noticed how expensive some of those items are. Anyway, they think they enjoyed themselves. Good for them. All their lovely shaktipat experiences. Some were beating themselves up because they didn't get any major experience.

One thing, though, that I have discovered .. shaktipat is not really specific to any guru or person. I mean, recently I went and meditated with a group of non-spiritual people (they do it just to relax). There were probably 30-40 people in the room meditating. I had an experience that equaled, if not bettered, the shaktipat experience I had with Gurumaya. I think allot of the shaktipat experiences people do have is because of this factor - the group consciousness/ energy factor. Do you know much about this? I am convinced now that I conned myself for years (my own little bit of spiritual materialism - wanting something). Gurumaya may not actually have much to do with the shaktipat - perhaps it is the collective. Also individual, depending on where you are at in your meditation or life. Anyway, just some ruminations .. thank you once again. You have really helped change my life for the better. I am free .. I have a great self-esteem now and and flying.

An Aussie friend




Thank you for your email. I am glad we have been of some help. When I read a note like yours it makes it all worthwhile.

Leaving the cult is an interesting process is it not? Your "friends" in SY will not be with you long...they can not allow themselves to get distracted as you will now represent their own doubts that they have buried.

Regarding your question about the spiritual power of the group; I would agree that a group has the ability, especially if it is focused, to generate "experiences". I am hesitant though to comment on the truth of these experiences. Clearly people, including myself, have had significant experiences in SY and without. The problem is that SY is also a corrupt organization based on lies, abuse and greed. So, I can not justify those experiences at that cost.

Perhaps you will consider writing your 'story' for the web site. As you've been helped by those individuals so can you help others. Each story is unique and provides a perspective that no other can. While I've heard it all, each story always touches me and helps me to see something from a new point of view.

Warm regards,