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I have not been overly specific about my relationship to SYDA because I would prefer not to have them hassling as they could locate me without to much difficulty I'm certain that you will understand.

I was a friend of Bob's the Guy who wrote the story who worked for a short time on the crew. I once heard it said that in India a turkey was considered to be a sacred bird. Whether or not this was true I never found out. But if people believe that Gurumayi functions on a higher level of truth than the information on this website then the original saying belongs up there with it.

I was a former member of Siddha Yoga and lived in the Ashram for a period of ten years. Many of the events described on this site I witnessed myself although I was sufficiently on the periphery of things in Swami Muktananda's time to be unaware of the details of the allegations raised against him but they have a ring of truth about them. I recall one day sitting with a young woman in amrit who was getting tutored for an experience talk when she wanted to share a story about how she was grabbed by Baba from behind a curtain and hugged while walking to her room. Of course she was quickly told she couldn't share that experience.

Just some comments I would like to make about what is happening on this website. Firstly I agree totally with the concept that people should have all the information at their disposal to make an informed choice about their involvement in Siddha Yoga. I have doubts that many people around Gurumayi would be influenced by the content of the material on this site. But new people beware whilst you may find that Siddha Yoga promises much know now that you will have to give up your sense of honesty and integrity for things of much lesser value if your relationship is to be anything but superficial. While it is true that a spiritual seeker needs to transcend their limitations look closely at why that is being asked.

Is it so that you transcend limiting structures or is it serving more sinister purposes in the name of something great. My own belief is that Gurumayi has a unique relationship to God, so what, so does everyone. You should know that in exactly the same way people have spiritual experiences around her and people believe this comes from God so likewise does all the opposition to Siddha Yoga come from God, sorry there is not two Gods. But one might argue look at the opposition that other Great Beings were tested with. Good idea lets look at the differences. How many of them were being opposed because of the callous way they treat their neighbors like Sullivan County in NY crying out and praying to God that they might not have to give of their bloated coffers to the beggars at the door. Is Siddha Yoga being opposed because of its noble purity. (think about it!)

I recall one night hearing a story from Govinda (an Aikido expert) about how he was ordered by George to burst into a woman's room whose Kriyas were getting a bit inappropriate and beat her. We both laughed nervously knowing how in Siddha Yoga you could be easily put in that position. Is that a position you would like to be in. If you are involved in Siddha Yoga know this is where your heading. I would like to add the fact that Gurumayi (in spite of what is said around her) does not have a monopoly on the Truth. This is a myth that is created around her (only by the Guru's command, etc., etc.). The myth of being an unstoppable juggerhead (I mean nought) is continued by having other people do the Guru's will without any confirmation from her. So if something goes wrong that person is quickly sacrificed and the omniscient Guru doesn't know what day it is.(has no knowledge of what happened). I have seen this happen over and over, this is an SYDA modus operandi. Just like in Bombay you will find the street trickster who has three thimbles under which an object is placed and moved around quickly then your money is taken in a scam. So is responsibility dealt with in the Ashram to keep Gurumayi's aura unsullied. As anyone who opposed someone Like George Afif would quickly learn that Gurumayi was behind him.

Lastly I would like to conclude by saying God existed before Gurumayi and will exist after. Do not fear for your relationship to God. If you worship Gurumayi know she too will die a mortal death like the rest of us. We have to find our own truth.

"No man may purify another." The Buddha.

This is why no one is enlightened around Gurumayi.


Thank you for your insightful email. Frankly, I would not be concerned with being harassed by SY. They, as you know, are so invested in image, that they will go to great lengths to avoid negative pr. Imagine you getting a phone call or two from swami or center leader (I really don't think they will by the way) telling you that they don't like what you've said on the internet. Then imagine your going to the press, the web site and the courts to publicize the harassment! Believe me, this is the last thing they want, is to be called a cult and be placed on the same page with the other groups.

I agree with you, that those close to GM and those who are really deep into it, will likely not be affected by the site. Many of them know more of the truth than the run of the mill devote and have rationalized it away! They will not be affected until they just get tired of it all.

I agree with most of what you say, but I did have a bit of trouble following the points you were trying to end with in the paragraph: "My own belief is that Gurumayi .... Is Siddha Yoga being opposed because of its noble purity. (think about it!) " In particular the last couple of lines lost me.

I did really enjoy the ending piece as to why no one around her is realized. There was a time, you may remember from Muktananda's day that one was promised (this is probably too strong a word) enlightenment after 12 years. Then it was changed to happen in 12 year cycles, so it would take 1 or 2 or 3 etc cycles to get enlightenment. Unfortunately they never defined enlightenment did they?

Warm regards,


Received 5 Apr:

Thank you for your reply:

What I was trying to refer to in the passage was my own feeling of discomfort at the the attitude SYDA had in regards to the issue of paying local taxes around the period of the early 90's whether or not this is still a valid point I don't know as it was being decided in the courts around the time I left. The fact that SYDA was claiming to be tax exempt as a Religous organization. Yet what I witnessed was the extravegant nature around Gurumayi and the way money was used in a manipulative way as power by George Afif. Yet when one saw the relativily depressed neighbourhoods around Sullivan county I felt ashamed of my involement with Siddha Yoga.

I thought to myself these people could use the money that we see daily sacrificed on the altar of vanity. I not sure if this properly expresess the nature of how I felt but I had always suppossed that spirituality and ethics were in the same domain.


Thank you for the clairifcation. I understand excatly what you mean. You highlight the real issues, in SY: money, public relations - image and power.