Received 6 Apr:


I posted on the aol board about the suicide in sadhana kutir. I was surprised no one else knew about it. It happened around the summer of 93, after I was out of siddha yoga. A friend of mine was in the ashram when a man shot himself in the sadhana kutir parking lot. The police were called in and told to turn off their headlights and their sirens and work in silence. They obeyed which is quite surprising. The devotees who knew about the suicide were told not to tell anyone or talk about it. My friend was told by his seva manager. My friend told me about it because I was no longer in siddha yoga and he was very upset and needed to talk to someone about it when he returned back home from the ashram. My friend said the brahmin priests did a puja over the suicide scene the next day.

Since no one else knew about it on the aol board, I don't have any more details to provide. However, it is another major event covered up by Gurumayi and the authorities in siddha yoga. Such major issues like suicide could have been used to openly talk about difficult issues within the ashram.

But once again, it was covered up.

I am also struck by the police coming in with their sirens and headlights off, working in silence in the dark with only flashlights. I was in the ashram one summer when the police were invited for a formal program where the ashram gave them many thousands of dollars ( I think it was $20,000) to protect the ashram ( and this was a yearly event). I think devotees should wonder about what goes on in the ashram when the ashram gives so much money yearly to the South Fallsburg police department, who in return are willing to follow instructions from south fallsburg ashram.


Thanks for the information. That people have died around Siddha Yoga, is not a surprise. People die all the time. What is interesting of course is to what great lengths SY goes to protect their image. Image is everything is SY because that is all there is.