Received 6 Apr:


There has been an interesting discussion on the aol Siddha Yoga Ethics board regarding a devotee named Holah, and I would like to relay some of the contents of those discussions. I personally did not know Holah, and I am only rephrasing what was written on the Ethics board.

Holah was a devotee beloved by many devotees in the ashram. According to someone on the aol board, she had a deep faith in the teachings and the guru, and truly lived the teachings. She was in Ganeshpuri at the time of her death some years ago. Those who knew her say that Gurumayi was harassing her for a few weeks prior to her death, constantly changing her room, and cutting her off from people, not allowing her to do any seva. Some people who knew her say she did not look well during this time, and was heartbroken by the way Gurumayi was treating her. No one seems to know if she had any history of illness, or if she was ill at the time.

As it was stated on the aol board, Holah went to a seva meeting where Gurumayi was present, and was sitting on the floor with the other devotees.

Gurumayi called on her and asked if she had an opinion about something. Holah stood up, started to speak, then collapsed. She was taken to the ashram clinic where sevites worked on her, but she died.

Gurumayi then told the people who were present to not speak about where Holah died, or about Holah's death. The official story was to be that Holah died on the way to the hospital. Many devotees, some of whom are on the aol board, know that Holah died in the ashram. This lie upset many devotees, some of whom left siddha yoga because of the cover-up of Holah's death. Devotees who asked questions about Holah's death, or who questioned the lie about where she died were harassed and/or cut off from siddha yoga.

The story of Holah is another example of siddha yoga covering up the truth and rewriting history. For interested devotees, please refer to the aol siddha yoga ethics folder #9 for more information about Holah and her death.