Received 7 Apr:

The good news is that you are providing a wonderful site, so people can heal. grown and learn.

It is my opinion, that shaktipat means that the committment comes from the Guru. People can leave syda, but it is the Guru's job to take them all the way. I feel sorry more for the people who are making life difficult for those who want to leave (creating more karma).

The bad news. Having people feed off of trouble vibrates the impure chakras creating more karma. Karma does not distinguish if your intent is pure. Gossiping in the SYDA meditation centers is just as karmic as gossiping anywhere. I have never believe in the means justifies end results. Knowlegde is helpful to the lion who rules.

The lion must rule their people out of justice and compassion. The lion has responsibilities. It is not my intent to judge any one inside or outside of SYDA or any organization. I support all groups who help people find their way back to God, perfect or imperfect.

Welcoming heals, gossiping creates a deeper wound.


Can't make up your mind can you? Hmmm, I guess there is resistance in your letting go of the 'guru' and 'syda'. I am suspicious of anyone who has to use spiritual mumbo jumbo to avoid dealing with their feelings. Is this what you are doing? Don't bother yourself feeling sorry for anyone, no one is asking you to...rather why don't you just take care of yourself?

Given your analysis, I'll take the 'bad news' any least it's honest and real!