Received 7 Apr:

I was surprised to read on the AOL Ethics board that Hemananda had been beaten by George and Swami Shantananda. According to some of the sources on the AOL board, this was common knowledge in Siddha Yoga. Hemananda was one of the swamis who was sexually abused by Nityananda, Gurumayi's brother, who was dethroned around 1985-86. Apparently, the mistreatment of Hemananda was the result of her having allowed herself to be "seduced" by Nityananda.

Siddha Yoga asks it's followers to surrender to the will and command of the Guru. So, why is a devotee who "gave herself to the Guru" treated so abusively? It seems to me that Hemananda was abused twice - first by Nityananda and then by Gurumayi via George and Shantananda.


Thank you for this observation. Indeed, they blame Hemananda as much as they blame Nityananda. This is very common actually, blaming the victims of sexual abuse. Since they knew Nityananda was false, I guess they expected Hemananda to know this as well.