Received 8 Apr:

Dear Fellow Friends,

I have been reading the comments and contents of your site in the past two months.  I have however been in total astonishment.  You people treat the Siddha Foundation like it's some kind of cult.  You can't tell me, that this foundation is such.  If the persons who wrote here, really were devoted, then they wouldn't have chosen this path.  I happen to be involved in more than just siddha yoga. I have a insight, that maybe some of you couldn't see.  I would like to discuss this, but I need some feedback.


The Traveler...


I'm confused. What do you really want? Why do you want feedback? The site is very clear in its position, SY is an organization with many examples of abuse (sexual, emotional, physical and financial) and lies. So if you don't want to accept that, what can I say?

How dare you challenge the 'devotion' of those who write to this site. That you disagree is one thing but who are you to say that those people who were abused were not devoted? Unless of course your definition of devotion means that a person should follow the leader into hell. We've had enough of this in history. I support those who have the courage to step forward and speak the truth, at risk of being shunned by their families and friends.

So, if you don't care for what we do here, don't come back.

BTW you mention that you follow SY and some other path. Obviously you are confused and not devoted yourself. SY teaches that you should NOT go to other groups or teachers, so get a grip and get off the fence OR take a look at why YOU can't accept SY as a complete path in itself.