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Thanks for providing this site.

I've met the guru in 1985, went through the brother thing and always had to fight with my doubts.  I even lived in S. Fallsburg and Ganeshpuri for awhile. 

The main thing that I could not get past was the homophobia.  I was spied on when I formed a simple, platonic friendship with another ashramite.  Our friendship ended when, upon revealing I was gay to her, she told me that 'gays get aids as a punishment from god' and that her ex-husband told her gm hated lesbians and called them 'fu**ing dykes'.  Who knows? It really hurt.

When I met gm, it didn't seem possible anyone could control my mind, but it's more insidious than that.  It's more like love addiction, and what's really sick is that in many cases, it keeps you from experiencing a true and human love relationship.

Seven years ago, I left the ashram to resume life on the outside.  I didn't like being without money or privacy.  Although my connections to syda weren't severed then, I gradually drifted away and finally, the information on the Internet allowed me to face reality.  The hard part is rectifying the experiences I did have there with the probability of these supposed saint's despicable activities. 

I have many stories, but will leave it at this for now.




You are quite welcome, I am glad you found us. Thank you for sharing what can only be described as prejudice, fear and unenlightenment. I can't think of a quicker way to check out a persons (or an organizations) real humanity - start talking about gay marriage or gay adoption. You'll see real fast, just how conservative and "right wingish" the individual is.

Your point about "love addiction" is very well taken. It is also like the victims of domestic abuse - the victim just "loves" the abuser too much to see what is really going on. This isn't love, it is a sickness! What we will do for approval!

The "spiritual experiences" we have had while in SY are ours. They do not belong to the Guru or the ashram. Those experiences came from within you. Whenever you get a group of people together, for good or for harm, the energy generated is larger than the total of the individuals. It is called group dynamics. The group has it's own energy, for the better or for the worse. But when you have someone at the head of the group, taking the credit for it all, it gets very dangerous very quickly.

Looking forward to hearing more, when you are ready.

Warm regards,