Received 17 Apr:

I have been reading your web page for quite some time and much appreciate the hard work that goes into keeping it going. I think it is very valuable for people to have access to information that SY tries to conceal. The truth is what sets us free!

However, it may surprise you that even upon knowing the truth about Muktananda, I still regard him as  great master. I have looked into the depth of my own heart and soul for the last 17 years since I met him, and truthfully feel that he delivered a massive, transforming power of grace into my world.

I believe that at some point he did begin to engage in sexual behavior, and attempted to conceal this from the devotees, even by what I regard as abusive behavior.  

I am the first to agree that his behavior does not fit the normal eastern models of a celibate yogi, but the bottom line for me is that he unleashed a massive power of inner joy, and love that to this day blesses my life in many ways.

It all comes down to this: he may not have fit my expectations, but he delivered on the promise of liberation!!

I know that you, as well as many others who post to this board cannot reconcile the idea that he was controlling, abusive and concealing at times, with great liberating power.  Further, I don't have any desire to sell you on this point of view. But I am sure that there are not a few people that feel as I do, and genuinely love Muktananda, even in spite of his failings!!

But again, I applaud you on bringing the truth to people: then they can look deep within to decide what they really feel about the SY masters.




Was the price of sexual abuse to the teens worth it? Was the price of the beatings worth it? Since no one knows what liberation is, I'd rather not take you word for it. Especially since I see no compassion from you to the victims of Siddha Yoga? Where is your heart?