Received 21 Apr:

When I first discovered your web site I was very pleased, as I too left SYDA in 1985. I especially liked your intentions to,"provide a forum to allow people to express their own experiences, what ever they may be".  Wow, (I thought) what a difference from Gurumayi and the days of repression.  Yet, as I read the sharings submitted by ex- devotees, followed by your response, I have become saddened and disappointed enough to compose this E-mail.  Your response to those people who still have something positive to say about Baba or who differ with your point of view, receive a scathing reply!  The words you choose in your response are sarcastic, cutting, rude, insulting and belittling.  Aren't these the same qualities that you claim to abor in Gurumayi and her followers?  The obvious pitfall of focussing so much mental energy on the faults of others is that we become what we meditate upon..and in this case, you have unfortunately imbibed the negative qualities which you so detest in others!

I write this to you in the hope that you will see what is happening and realign yourself with your original intention of providing an open forum for all, to share their own experience, what-ever that may be, without running the risk of  a cyber space humiliation.  Haven't we all had enough of that in Siddha Yoga?  Haven't we learned anything in all the years of spiritual practice?  If we could remember just one basic teaching... that God dwells with-in the heart of every human being (which should always be respected, even if we don't agree with an individuals point of view) then our time spent in Siddha Yoga will not have been in vain. Peace, Peace, Peace Already.


Thank you for your concern for my well being, but I think your focus is a bit misplaced. My outrage at the those who consider Muktananda a great being is due to my concern about the victims of his sexual abuse. SY would prefer that we simply ignore or just accept the past. Some might call this denial. Angry is a healthy response to a unhealthy situation.