Received 25 Apr:


I have gone to Syda meditation sessions on Thursdays in Newton MA. and also to a one day training and felt that the finances of Syda are not open nor do I feel that their message is really clear.  It seems very contradictory. My friend has gone for seven years and I wonder what information you might have that I can present to her that may help her question their practices.

Thank You.


I am attaching a copy of the New Yorker O Guru article. It is perhaps the singularly most important evidence. You could also perhaps download some of the personal stories from the site to give your friend to read. As your friend was not in SY during Muktananda's days it might be helpful as well to give her the Rodarmor article as well.

A word of caution. She may react very negatively to you and what you give her. She may have read it all, previously. However if you really care for her, you may want to try. Depending upon how "deep" she is in, will show how strongly she needs to hang on to her beliefs. You may ask her to read it and then explain to you how she understands the criticism. You could start by asking her if she has ever had any doubts? What does she do with them?

Good Luck,