Received 28 Apr:

I've been thinking about consent.  Let's look at only the flaccid and not-so-flaccid conjunctions between ADULTS as perpetrated by Muktananda and Nityananda to blissed out devotees and personal assistants for a moment.  I wondered if this was a consensual act.  But really, if I

a) was supposed to be showing _absolute_ selfless devotion to the asker (so I shouldn't say no),

b) was propositioned by the all-powerful owner of where I was staying (and thus night be kicked out if I said no),

c) was in a foreign country (and thus afraid of what would happen if I was kicked out),

d) told by someone I trusted that it was a mysterious tantric practice (and thus curious) how much of that is really consent, even if I did find it enjoyable?  Sure, bosses screw their secretaries every day (not all bosses... er maybe I should rephrase that - but you know what I mean - it is something that happens), but that doesn't make it ethical or right.


You raise some important points for consideration in understanding how people, even adults, can be victims of abuse.