Received 29 Apr:

I would like to read the New Yorker article.  I have been a seeker for many years--and have been going to the Oakland ashram for the past five years or so.  While I find much about Siddha Yoga to be positive, I am also troubled by a number of things--including the high cost of the programs, and the emphasis on  appearances.  Thank you in advance for sending me the article.

In closing, I would also like to express my thanks for this web site.  You are providing an important service.




Thank you for your note. I am attaching a copy of the New Yorker article as you requested. It took me several readings to digest all the information that is presented. There is just so much information. Remember, while SY tried to block the publication of that article, they never took it to court. The reason is that everyone quoted there were willing to go to court!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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