Australian Legal Information Institute - Freedom of Information Act: Siddha Yoga

"The background is that  the Nityananda's supporters in Australia had been trying for some time to help him secure an Australian visa. The visa had been denied. Consequently they lodged a request to inspect any documents pertaining to Nityananda that were held by the Immigration department. The immigration department intended to comply with the request and contacted the SY foundation, to let them know, as some letters originated from them. SY demanded the letters should not be released and to the matter to court to prevent the release. There were several letters it appears, 1 written before Nityananda left the Ashram, ostensibly supporting a visa application. There were I think 2 written after that date, which argue that he should not be allowed into the country because he was a false guru and spread malicious lies about the foundation. At any rate you can see for yourself, by reading the case."

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May 1997