Who Speaks for Siddha Yoga? 
A Book Review of Meditation Revolution

On 22 Nov 99, Siddha Yoga performed a yagna in India for the success of this panel. That Siddha Yoga would even participate in such an event is amazing to me. I have to wonder if Siddha Yoga was looking for scholarly approval or validation. They did fall short and stumble on the issue of Muktananda's sexual history.

Apparently Swami Durgananda's piece on the history did originally include some sort of explanation of Muktananda's sexual issues. Then it was deleted before the book was published but after the book was reviewed and the forward written by Gerald James Larson.

After listening to 5 scholars, Douglas R. Brooks, one of the authors, responds to the many concerns listed by the panelists.

Mr. Larson calls Gurumayi "manipulative" and asks who and how Durgananda's piece was edited, after he wrote his review. Listen to Brooks respond.

I have looked at the book and remember when it was published. The only new thing in the entire book, is the piece by Durgananda, where for the first time since Nityananda left, SY tries to explain how and why Nityananda came to be Guru and leave. I have to wonder if the whole book is a way to impress us scholarly with their philosophy as a means to justify the fallen one. And of course Durgananda's only got one side of the story. The O Guru article by Lis Harris, has a much more balanced view of it.

So, why did SY even publish the book? Perhaps they became embarrassed of continued questions by newcomers after being given the secret "gossip initiation of have you heard about the brother?"

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31 Dec 99