//Om Guru Om//

     When you are sharing your experiences in a talk, it is important to establish a clear intention for telling your experience. The intention is your underlying personal goal for giving this particular sharing. Ask yourself: "Why am I telling this story? What do I want people to receive?" (For example, your intention could be: "I want you to understand the greatness of this path", or "With all my heart, I want you to experience your own inner love."
     Once you have established the intention, you are ready to start creating your talk. As you tap into your own inspiration, PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING 5 STEP PROCESS AS A FRAMEWORK:

1. SET THE SCENE: describe the events that led up to your experience
[eg. I had accomplished most of the goals I'd set for myself in life, and although everything seemed fine on the surface - good job, nice family, etc. - on some level things weren't as satisfying as they used to be, and I felt something was missing.]

2. PAINT THE PICTURE: all the essential details: who, when, where, etc.
[eg. One day in 1989, I was lamenting this to a friend, when he suggested I come with him to a meditation program that night at someone's home. So, I went, and as I was sitting in the meditation hall, the time came for meditation. The room became dark and I closed my eyes and began to repeat the mantra Om Namah Shivaya.]

3. TELL THE HEART OF YOUR EXPERIENCE: what specifically happened
[eg. My mind was calm and I was very still. Suddenly, I felt a strong energy in my chest. It felt as if something was actually opening inside my heart, and that this energy was reaching deep within me. I began to relax into this experience, and became filled with a soft blue light.]

[eg. I had a feeling of deep humility, and I cried - not out of sadness, but from a tender love. Everything inside me softened. It felt as if a lifetime of defensiveness fell away as that blue light expanded to include everything within itself. I felt a connectedness with everyone and everything.

5. CONCLUDE WITH WHY IT WAS SIGNIFICANT FOR YOUR LIFE: how your life changed, and what you learned from it
[eg. Since then, my whole attitude has improved. I feel more loving towards my family, and as a result we've become happier. At work, I started getting on much better with my boss, and have become enthusiastic about my job again. I am buoyant, and see situations and people in a very positive and optimistic light...etc. etc. I've begun to experience that through mediating each day, I can stay in touch with the source of fulfillment and love inside myself...