12 Jan 96 Announcement - The Real Reason Darshan has stopped

So, SYDA has just announced that the real reason Chidvilasananda has stopped giving darshan: it's because of her back problems. So, it's not "divine direction" as was told. Now it's physical problems. Why didn't they give this as the real reason in the first place? It just doesn't make sense to hold back the real reason. What is there to gain or lose by not saying so in the first place?

Let's assume that the back problem is the real reason. So, why not just tell everyone that? Maybe because she doesn't want people to be thinking less of her because she can't handle the physical pressures of doing darshan anymore? So, is she that concerned with what people think of her?

So, let's assume that it is a difficult thing to do, bending over to meet all those people. Why not just lower the chair? That way she wouldn't have to bend over anymore. Did anyone suggest that?

And why does she have to bend over anyway? What about darshan where people just go up and bow so that she wouldn't have bend over and hit them with the feathers?

I guess the truth is being told now because people are having a hard time dealing with being cut off from darshan. But I thought that was the whole point to having a living master, to be able to talk to her and get specific individual direction.

This is just another example of Chidvilasananda not telling the truth up front. Why did they need to hid behind the "divine direction" thing? Maybe so that we wouldn't see that she is a human being, just like the rest of us. A person using their discriminating mind would take one look at this and see the blatant distortions. People in SYDA will take this, along with all the other contradictions and distortions of truth, and explain it away with some metaphysical sound byte.