Here is a listing of other sources of information on SYDA and cults in general; recovery issues and the availability of counseling and support groups; and links to ongoing discussions about SYDA. If you have a link you would like to tell us about, please let us know.

bulletGeneral Cult Information
bulletOnline Archives
bulletRituals of Disenchantment - an interactive blog about Leaving Siddha Yoga

NOTE: Cult Awareness Network, is now owned by a Scientology member and is NOT recommended.

General Cult Information
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International Cultic Studies Association

General Description

Comprehensive information about cults.

What's There

Valuable resources and information.

Support for ex-members.



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Online Archives
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Please see the On Line Discussion section for current information.
America On Line Archives


Beginning in 1995, shortly after the New Yorker article was published, an ongoing discussion was started on AOL's boards. These are the archives of those discussions.

Please note that the archives are edited by the person/s who placed them on the web. Some items, such as statements supportive to Siddha Yoga, were removed.

bulletAOL Discussion Pt. 1 (361k).
bulletAOL Discussion Pt. 2 (603k).
bulletAOL Discussion Pt. 3 (393k).
bulletAOL Discussion Pt. 4 (554k).
bulletAOL Discussion Pt. 5 (177k).
LSY Archives In July of 2001, the LSY email list was closed. The archives are still available at:

Some of the original emails have been deleted by the individual author as that is a feature of the list. No knew posts can be made there.

To read them you have to join the list by emailing

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