The Rest of the Story


Muktananda has traveled far. In addition to the "official" Siddha Yoga (SYDA) organization, there are a multitude of others who were initiated by Muktananda and/or left Siddha Yoga to start their own group. Most of these people support Muktananda's legacy as to do otherwise weakens their own position. Below is a list of some of these people with some background information. Some individuals who have left Chidvilasananda's side have gone on to support Nityananda's position and continue to support Muktananda. We believe that anyone supporting Muktananda's legacy is supporting the abuse and lies that have continued to this day.

We are providing the links to those groups as the primary means of showing the other side of the story. If you are a supporter of one of these groups, then you should go there to voice your opinion.

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Siddha Yoga This is the official SYDA web site of Swami Chidvilasananda, Malti Shetty. It's just like the organization, all gloss, no content (except for the legalize page which is the best part of the site).  I'm waiting for the 'on line dakshina basket' where you can make a donation with your credit card.

Friends of Siddha Yoga This is the unofficial SYDA web site that started just after ours did. It is actually the "better" of the 2 primary SYDA sites as it actually tries to discuss some of the issues in life and sadhana. You will also find links to other SYDA centers and to individual sites. This site is no longer in existence. 21 July 98

Shanti Mandir This is Nityananda's, Subash Shetty, site. Originally he was given the SYDA lineage by Muktananda with his sister. When the split occurred, he then started his own group. See the History of Siddha Yoga for more details. Attempts to seek a response from Nityananda regarding Muktananda's sexual abuse were ignored by them. Nityananda admitted to having sex with several adult females while he was the Siddha Guru.

Synchronicity Foundation This is Chuck's place. "Master Charles" previously known as Swami Vivekananda, left SY shortly after Muktananda's death in 1982. In his recent book, The Bliss of Freedom,  he states he actually saw Muktananda having sex. For more on that go HERE and some interesting email with their representative.

Ex Siddha Yoga Swami X. contacted us with the purpose of trying to have us show more support for Muktananda and Nityananda. This person was one of the Swami's that left SYDA when the spit occurred with Chidvilasananda and Nityananda. The link is to the Email correspondence with the site. Go HERE.

Swami Rudrananda (Rudi) was a follower of Muktananda for a short while. He received sannyas from Muktananda and ran the New York Ashram for a time. He left and considered Nityananda of Ganeshpuri his Guru. He died in 1973. Go HERE for what he said about Muktananda. More information about Rudi may be found at internetyoga and Nityananda Institute.

Swami Chetanananda, Joseph Michael Shoemaker,  was a follower of Rudrananda and received sannyas from Muktananda in Go HERE for more information regarding Chetanananda's own problems. The Nityananda Institute is Chetanananda's web site. A group of ex members of the Nityananda Institute have published a web site called It does an excellent job of identifying problems with this group.

Swami Shambhavananda, Jim Putorti,  a follower of Rudrananda was given sannyas by Muktananda in 1983. He runs the Shoshoni Retreat Center in Colorado. Go HERE for more information and his response to my letter.

Swami Shankarananda, Russell Kruckman,  was a SYDA swami was kicked out by Chidvilasananda due, in part, to his affairs with 2 female swamis. He then hooked up with Nityananda and then went on his own. After running the Shiva Ashram in Santa Monica for several years, he moved to Australia. He supports Nityananda and Muktananda. Go HERE for a summary my email correspondence with him. Shankarananda acknowledges Muktananda's sexual behavior. Included is a comment from an  Indian ex-siddha yoga devotee who address's Shankarananda's racism. Shankarananda is now denying Muktananda's sexual acts and is encouraging people to go on welfare as a means to live in his Ashram.

The Family was a group started in Australia by Anne Hamilton-Byrne and had a property in South Fallsburg. Sarah Moore (Hamilton-Byrne), a survivor of that group, tells in this excerpt of Unseen, Unheard, Unknown (while out of print can search for a used copy) of her contact with Muktananda. Anne Hamilton-Byrne, (known as Ma Yoga Shakti in Siddha Yoga) the founder of The Family, was instrumental in helping Swami Tejomayananda (one of the few Indian swami's) and Swami Abhayananda (Stan Trout) leave Siddha Yoga. LSD was frequently used by the group. Abhayananda reports he knew nothing of the abuse or other problems there. Read excerpt by Sarah Moore here.

Adi Da, Franklin Jones, AKA Ananda was a follower of Muktananda and has set up shop.  Go HERE for more information.  Also see "Adi Da Samraj and Adidam" an archive of critical information.