Swami Shambavananda
Jim Putorti


Shambavananda (born Jim Putorti) considered Rudrananda his Guru and began teaching for him in 1972. Swami Nityananda is considered his "root guru." While Shambavananda makes no mention of Muktananda on his web site, in 1983 Muktananda did gave him sannyas and empowered him to give shaktipat. He also offers a "Weekend Meditation Retreat".

On 19 Oct 97 I sent him the following email:

I am working on an article for the website Leaving Siddha Yoga; Searching for the Truth. I am interested in knowing more about Shambavananda's relationship to Muktananda. I understand that Muktananda did give Shambavananda initiation into the Saraswati order and the ability to give Shaktipat.

Over the years there has been a great deal of controversy regarding Muktananda's sexual abuse of his female students. This information has been documented in several articles. More recently, I have communicated with those who where also given initiation as swami's by Muktananda. They confirm that Muktananda was being sexual. They also seem to support his actions.

I would like to know how Swami Shambavananda has dealt with this problem. Does Shambavananda deal with this issue in any way? Does he support Muktananda's standing in the spiritual community?


As of 14 Jan 98, there has been no response from Shambavananda or his organization.