This letter was sent to Daniel Shaw on June 9th, 2017.



I , _____________, residing at malti niwas, 3rd floor, j.v.p.d. scheme 3rd floor, vile parle west, Mumbai 56. 


Chidvilasnanda swami is our landlord. There are multiple problems faced on daily basis which I would like to bring it to her notice. 


1) Building is very old and have been repaired twice by the tenants and is full of cracks and needs repairing immediately. It's becoming dangerous to stay every day. In no time it will be matter of life and death.


2) Building doesn't have a lift. It's very painful for the tenants who are in their 50's to climb up. Problem is more serious then it sounds. 


3) Continuous water leakage problem since at least last 25 years which I am aware of. We have spent fortune on trying to do water proofing every year. Not a single measure was taken by landlord that I am aware of. Ceiling has fallen multiple times due to water problems. We have kept vessels to take care of dripping water from the ceiling. 


4) There is no water pressure on our floor which makes it difficult to do day to day chores which include water. Each and everything needs water. There are times where we need to put bucket full of water in camod so that it acts as a flush. It takes hours to fill one bucket of water. Geysers break down as they also need water flow to function. I don't need to explain how much important water is. Tenants have even repaired the plumbing problem of the building couple of times. 


5) Building is infested with pests like termites, ants, spiders, lizards, rats and various other insects and reptiles. No matter how much we try to pest control it, nothing seems to work. Just imagine living in such situations for years and years. We have pest controlled our flats and whole building but it has done no good at all.


6) There is no proper parking space for even three cars. It's a daily headache to park our car in building.


7) There are no safety measures taken in case of fire.


I am not saying that our landlord is responsible for this. But everything runs by its course of time. Over the period of time building has become old and problems have kept increasing. 


Malti shetty's (chidvilasnanda swami) siblings have filed a suit against her for the ownership of this plot of land and it's going on since more then 35 years now. So no one has bothered to take care of building as they are still fighting over the property ownership. 


I don't understand one thing, she is gurumai, she preaches good to the world and have failed to do good in her own home. How contradicting her preaching are?? A man from her trust never fails to collect rent from us. I am not even sure if she is aware of our situation. I apologise in advance if I am wrong anywhere. 


My family have put all the money we had on the repairs and other problem related to this building. Now we are in no position to put more money into this. 


It's a humble request to Gurumai to look into our situation and help us out by repairing the building or atleast putting it up for a redevelopment. I am sure there is a way to settle last 35 years old dispute for the title of the land and overcome this problem. 


I would also like to talk to her if possible. As her people over here are of very less help.